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Transform your workforce with our multifunctional, easy-to-deploy NLP based AI agents. From employee hiring cycle to empowering employees with an AI assistant to ensure productivity, our AI agents will make every HR process simpler, faster, and more efficient. 


A 24x7 Personalized Assistant for every employee!

  • Standard Operating Procedure
  • Policy Process
  • Attendence Regularization Process
  • Employee KYC Update
  • Attendance regularization
  • Candidate screening
  • Job description creation and management
  • Candidate onboarding



Multiple use cases

From equipping employees to resolve any query about company policy, leave management, etc. on-the-go to all hiring related process, our AI agents make the HR’s job efficient.

Seamless integrations across channels

Omni-channel AI agents seamlessly integrate with your Website, job portals, mobile apps, as well as collaborative or social platforms to empower you with intelligent bots across all channels. It also integrated with enterprise HR products such as HRMS, LMS, ATS, DMS, etc. to allow user delivery of highly focused experiences.

Transaction management

Employees in any enterprise can now easily manage transactions related to HR. Leave applications, claim reimbursements, payroll process related actions, etc. are easily managed by our AI powered solutions. 


Personalised user experience

Our AI agents elevate every experience with intuitive interactions to ensure utility and employee delight in addition to process and cost efficiency. The customisable dashboards further elevates the experiences to make the system powerful for a wide range of users. 

Intelligent algorithms

E42 powered Employee Assistants have deep learning capabilities in addition to their NLP driven conversational abilities, that make them intelligent like no other. E42 learns and evolves from every interaction across various functions and uses the learning to further personalise the overall experience. 

Smart way to manage employee lifecycle

From time-consuming resume parsing to candidate on boarding and employee assistance, our NLP based suite is the one-stop-solution to manage every exhaustive HR process in a simpler, faster, smarter and efficient manner. 

Automated scheduling & emails

A quick and smart interface for employees to automate mundane jobs like scheduling meetings, booking meeting rooms or even setting up automated email responses.