AI Accounts Payable Specialist

(Invoice processing, vendor onboarding, user-defined AP workflows, reports & analytics)


Ensure business continuity, error-free processing, and improved productivity by aligning cutting-edge AI technology with finance & accounting

I speak – English

I escalate the issues that I can’t resolve on : Email, WhatsApp

Training time : 3-4 weeks

Deployment Channels

MS Teams




API Integrations


I am a digital AI worker pre-trained on Accounts Payable workflows, multiple invoice formats, and AP process logic. I am experienced in automating the Accounts Payable process, and AP cycle processing for enterprises. Here’s what I can accomplish for any organization:


1. Real-time invoice processing

I can scan, read and extract relevant data from invoices, do n-way match with PO and other documents, and input the required data into a predefined file/folder or accounting software as per the AP workflow.

2. Creating and setting up accounts for vendors.

3. Streamlining month-end reconciliation.

4. Prepare reports and generate analytics on a powerful dashboard.


  1. Manual processing of invoices is tedious and time-consuming. I have fast-tracked this process with streamlined automation and real-time validation.
  2. There is a great possibility of input errors from oversight and exhaustion, leading to discrepancies. I deliver error-free digitization of data with a reduced dependency on human efforts.
  3. Due to my efficiency and diligence there are no delays in invoice processing that could cause revenue loss and result in penalties for late payments.
  4. I can cover a large number of tasks in a small time frame due to which there are no lags for unprocessed invoices that could derail the reconciliation process and delay month-end close leading to unnecessary stress for my human colleagues.
  5. I make sure there are no delays in approvals or late payments to vendors, resulting in vendor dissatisfaction and improper utilization of credit lines.
  6. I enhance the overall experience of the Account Payable process with proper onboarding of new vendors and verification of documents.

Results Delivered:

  • Saved up to $16 per invoice in processing cycle time
  • Saved up to 30.27 hours per week (approx)
  • Reduced processing time by up to 7.9 days
  • Automated 80% of rote tasks


  • Real-time processing of invoices
  • Omni-channel integration for approval & processing
  • Ability to read structured and unstructured data
  • Analytics and reporting at regular intervals