With the company’s legal documentation in place, the legal work seems pretty easy and straightforward right?

Although it might seem uncomplicated and streamlined, the responsibilities of the Legal team are more than just compliance and contract related work. Along with ensuring that accountable decisions are taken at the right levels in the organization, the team also manages a bulk of other processes. They tackle big data management, define the legal boundaries for the organization’s management and are even involved in critical business decisions. Addressing legal issues, ticketing, billing and other tasks, burden the legal teams with time-consuming work.


But with the AI co-workers built on the no code E42 platform can help the Legal team with automating processes that otherwise take up a lot of time. The teams can better concentrate on business related decision making and improving efficiency of operations.

AI Legal Associate

AI legal associate

Top Line - Nil

Risk - 0%

Compliance - 100%

Bottom line - 7%

Bogged down by time-consuming legal processes that are increasing your administrative load?

Legal teams, we can understand how taxing it can be to go through legal compliance documents manually and ensure that ticketing, billings and other processes happen seamlessly and on time!


Reduce your workload and improve accuracy of your legal processes by building your AI Legal Expert on the no-code E42 platform! With this AI-enabled tool, ensure regulatory compliance, streamline inefficient processes, and optimize processing of regulations that keep evolving!


It can help your organization’s legal department by improving operational efficiency and regulating legal compliance. Get features like automated workflows, automated billing, and risk and compliance management, knowledge management, obligation management and streamline legal processes with-

  • Legal search
  • Tracking compliance
  • PF challans
  • ESIC upload
  • Vendor audit

AI Contract Manager


Top Line - 20%

Risk - 0%

Compliance - 100%

Bottom line - 7%

Are your contracts smart enough?

The contract is critical in ensuring smooth transactions between any two parties. This means that they can be the source to determine the nature of the relationship between two parties. Information such as the product or service that needs to be delivered, the quality, the timelines etc. to ensure that any task is completed in the best way possible and the party that performs the task is reimbursed for their efforts. This involves a lot of detailing and accuracy to ensure that all important points are covered.


The contract captures information such as validity, start date, end dates, work to be completed, compliances etc. The outcomes also can be measured today through various systems such as ERPs, ticketing tools, and a whole lot of other enterprise systems. The AI contact manager will be able to directly execute contracts, ensure that all the parameters are mentioned and make sure that every service level agreement is adhered to by monitoring the outcomes connected to various systems via APIs.


Deploy you AI Contract manager built on the noCode E42 platform trained to

  • Ensure data validity
  • Remind on timelines
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Communicate via multiple channels
  • Monitor outcomes

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