Become a Part of the Thriving E42 Partner Network

E42 powers all members of its partner network to build and deploy AI co-workers in their area of expertise through basic API integrations and a simple drag and drop interface. Partner with E42 to tap into uncharted revenue generation opportunities that the billion-dollar AI industry has to offer.

Why Partner with E42?

Client centricity

Build AI co-workers relevant to your clients’ business needs, bringing about AI-led automation in your domain

Stay relevant with advanced AI offerings

Be part of the advanced conversational AI ecosystem, leading the next-generation digital transformations

Reduce operational costs

One AI co-workers productivity equals that of multiple humans, reducing operational costs – offer your clients this effective benefit of the technology

Become a part of the $100 billion AI industry

Be an active part of the AI revolution by adding AI and NLP capabilities to your suite of offerings

Pick a Partnership Model

With a well-thought-through partnership network, E42 equips SIs, OEMs, and other technically sound organizations with AI capabilities, enabling them to stay relevant in the world of AI and tap on uncharted revenue-generation opportunities.

SI Partnership

Integrate. Build. Grow.

Collaborate with E42 to fast-track your business success by crafting AI-enabled enterprise solutions for your customers as well as ours!

OEM Partnership

Integrate. Co-Sell. Thrive.

As an OEM, add AI capabilities to your suite of products/software /services and upscale your customer base by jointly positioning the AI-enabled solution to their customers.

We enable partners to offer accelerated digital transformation initiatives, become an active part of the AI revolution, and drive new growth while creating an impact on how enterprise processes work!

SI Partnership

Build enterprise-grade solutions for your customers

Seamlessly manage large deployments

Replicate solutions globally – reap added revenue benefits

OEM Partnership

Experience revenue augmentation

Get the competitive edge with AI capabilities

Expand your customer base

Xelware is a leading provider of digital learning opportunities and cloud technologies for enterprise and corporate clients. The company’s hands-on approach has helped countless professionals grow their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. With a focus on innovation, Xelware has diversified into multiple verticals including IT components, education, services, automation, and customized solution for industry demands  

Established in 1988, NASSCOM is dedicated to expanding India’s role in the global IT industry by creating a conducive business environment, simplifying policies and procedures, and strengthening the talent pool. From reskilling and upskilling India’s IT workforce, developing talents, strengthening the innovation quotient across industry verticals, creating new market opportunities, and driving policy advocacy, NASCOMM become a leading player in global digital transformation. 

Intending to leverage AI to revolutionize employee retention through data-driven decisionmaking, along with a focus on enhanced employee engagement and well-being, MonAmI is helping leaders and CHROs better understand their employees by providing critical feedback on employee sentiment, daily insights into how they are feeling, and what they require from their employer to build a happy, engaged, and productive workforce.  

As a leader in digital transformation, Microsoft is committed to empowering individuals and organizations worldwide to achieve more with an intelligent cloud and intelligent edge. The company believes that technology can be a force for good and strive towards meaningful innovation that contributes to a brighter world. With operations in 190 countries and a passionate workforce of over 220,000 employees worldwide, Microsoft is committed to accelerating digital transformation and making a positive impact on society. 

MaxedS is a revenue acceleration platform for early-stage technology companies. This tech-enabled sales platform provides all infrastructure around lead-gen tools and experienced US-based sales leaders. With a focus on selling into the Global 2000+, MaxedS offers expertise in various domains such as FinTech, aerospace, ML/AL, supply chain optimization, retail and consumer, and the IoT.  

As a leading learning automation company, iLearning Engines (ILE) drives mission-critical outcomes for enterprises with its Outcomes Driven Learning and AI platform. With over 100,000 hours of R&D and 40+ proprietary algorithms, ILE’s cloud-based platform is used globally in demanding vertical markets like healthcare, education, energy, transportation, and the military.  

As a leading finance and technology company, Finance Tech Unlimited offers cutting-edge financial and accounting automation services. Built on an award-winning no-code AI platform, the company’s intelligently automated AI co-workers specialize in AP and AR operations, giving enterprises increased productivity and cost savings. With the use of Power BI and other proprietary tools, its CFO consulting services offer AI-driven solutions for data modeling, visualization, and predictive analytics. The accounting platform also provides safe remote desktop access, which enables users to operate remotely without the need for IT infrastructure. 

Ensaan Technologies is a top HR software and talent management solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa. Partnering with global leaders in HR management systems, Ensaan offers carefully curated latest technologies and services in the domain of human capital management, talent acquisition, and HR transformation to help businesses stay ahead of the evolving HR landscape.  

As a global IT company with more than 30,000 associates, Beyondsoft leverages emerging technologies and a proven delivery method, enabling customers in every industry to take an agile and forward-thinking approach to business. For the past 27+ years, Beyondsoft has provided a broad range of high-quality IT services, including cloud, big data and analytics, business process outsourcing, custom software solutions, test automation, digital enablement, and other software engineering and digital transformation services.

Adrenalin eSystems Limited is a leader in HR tech solutions, pioneering digital transformation in HR processes since 2002. Their comprehensive web-based HR software automates every aspect of HR processes, from recruitment to payroll, HR analytics, and more. Adrenalin enhances its product with service offerings to help customers realize a quick return on investment.  

Experion Technologies Middle East and Africa offers global software services with a focus on new-generation technologies. They provide domain-led solutions for various sectors, including retail, insurance, healthcare, maritime, and oil & gas. They handle over 20 million EDI transactions every quarter and support over 500,000 members in the region. Experion Technologies Middle East and Africa prioritizes innovation, customer centricity, and measurable outcomes in all engagements. They also establish strategic partnerships to ensure innovative business frameworks for their clients. 

Care by Tech is an Information Technology consulting company Head Quartered in the UK with AI and Deep Tech Products and Services in the European market. The company specializes in specific sectors – Financial Services, Insurance, Health Care and ESG/Clean Tech. The experienced team of Care by Tech provides Advisory, Sales and Marketing, Distribution and Implementation, and Support of Innovative technologies and Digital Transformation of Business Processes with a special focus on artificial intelligence.


At E42, creating a safe and healthy working environment takes precedence above all. The company has zero tolerance for prejudice, gender bias, and sexual harassment. For a comprehensive overview of our safety policy, please feel free to contact us at

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