Managing accounts, revenue and expenses, what more do the Finance team do?

A lot more. A skilled Finance team is an asset for any company because it helps accelerate business profitability and to outperform competition. They are instrumental in shaping the future course as well as the direction of the business. Documenting company finances, daily cash flow, transactions and record keeping is just a part of the many responsibilities the Finance teams shoulder. If finance records are not kept accurate and up to date, managers use this inaccurate data to make poor decisions. But to ensure this, Finance teams have to manage and update vast financial information on a daily basis and this can be exhausting!


The AI co-workers built on the no code E42 platform can assist Finance teams in their daily work by reducing the burden of manual and tedious work with automated tasks. This will ensure that the teams get enough time and mind space to take up the more influential financial decisions.

Top Line - Nil

Risk - 0%

Accuracy - 96%

Bottom line - 20%

Are time-consuming accounts payable tasks burdening your finance team with tedious work?

Finance teams play a critical role in ensuring the smooth and accurate management of financial transactions with time-consuming responsibilities such as processing invoices, reconciling accounts, and ensuring timely and accurate payments to vendors. All of these tasks make for a complex process that requires careful attention to detail. 


Unfortunately, mistakes can occur, resulting in payment delays, conflicts with vendors, and potential compliance issues. To avoid these challenges, it’s crucial to have robust systems and processes in place to ensure accuracy and efficiency. By leveraging technology and best practices, you can streamline your workflows and minimize the risk of errors, helping your organization achieve its financial goals. 


Deploy your very own AI Accounts Payable Executive to automate all these tasks. It can accurately categorize expenses, detect duplicate invoices, and flag potential errors or discrepancies, allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks. 


Built on the no-code E42 platform, the AI Accounts Payable Executive is easy to deploy and customize to your specific needs. Say goodbye to manual accounts payable processes and hello to a more efficient and streamlined workflow. 


Features include: 

  • Classifying invoice-related information from multiple channels
  • Speedy and accurate vendor authentication
  • Extraction of multiple data types with Intelligent Invoice Processing
  • Automatic validation of data with n-way matches
  • Single/multi-level approvals along with follow-ups with Finance teams
  • Ledger entry with integration with accounting systems
  • Analytics and report-generation through a powerful dashboard
AI finance associate

Top Line - Nil

Risk - 0%

Compliance - 100%

Bottom line - 17%

Are tedious and manual finance processes leaving you no time and energy for strategic thinking?

Finance executives, your time and energy is spent in daily manual tasks, leaving you exhausted by the end of the day. Your skills and experience can be better utilized for vital strategic activities.


Delegate the mundane and repetitive tasks such as document collection, status checking and updating, report generation and others to your AI worker. Build your AI Finance Associate on the no-code E42 platform and allow your workforce to engage in more strategic and advisory decision-making.


Automate daily tasks, increase process efficiencies and save time and money for your business with your AI-enabled worker. There are many benefits of having an AI Finance Associate for your finance department apart from task automation. These include delivering personalized recommendations, reducing human error and saving money! Features are as follows-

  • Automated AP and AR process
  • Real-time dashboard for analytics
  • Integration with ERPs, Ticketing System, CRMs
  • Automated employee or vendor onboarding
  • Proactive messaging and recommendations
  • Personalized support
  • Automatic escalation systems and handovers

AI Lending Associate

AI Lending Associate Learning & Development

Top Line - 16%

Risk - 0%

Compliance - 100%

Bottom line - 27%

Are you tired of processing various loan applications and closing only a portion of those deals?

Average financial institutions process several applications to be able to disburse only 3% of them to customers. This means that a lot of time and effort is spent in reaching out, collecting information, reviewing applications and documents and getting internal approvals.


Now you can deploy your AI Lending Associate to collect the data, review the applications, process the documents, enter the information into your ERP, intimating the applicant, interviewing the applicant, etc.


This ensures that your teams are now engaged in understanding the needs of your prospects and providing the best financial solution while your conversion rates can shoot up!


Features include

  • Omnichannel
  • Automated document processing
  • Automated screening
  • Integration with Verification data bases
  • KYC
  • Surveys, etc

AI Underwriter

AI underwriter

Top Line - Nil

Risk - 0%

Compliance - 100%

Bottom line - 37%

Do you end up spending a lot of time going through tons of databases and reports to determine risk?

The Finance analyst has a tough task as one has to deal with both structured and unstructured data and large volumes of it before they can determine a viability score to finance an operation or client.


Use your AI Underwriter built on the no Code E42 platform to automate these tasks. All you need to do is enter the name of the entity and the AI underwriter gets going!. The system collects all the relevant data from respective data sources and prepares a report giving you the risk with details.


This saves the effort of the underwriting teams to

  • Gather segregated information
  • Populate the report
  • Determine the feasibility of the transaction
  • Click through to sources
  • Sources data from open and paid resources.

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