Integrated AI Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Champ
(Invoice processing, customer accounts, tracking, AP/AR workflows, reports & analytics)


  • Ensure real-time invoice processing, streamlined accounts set-up for vendors and customers, diligent payment tracking, integrated AP and AR workflows for clients.
  • I speak – English
  • I escalate the issues that I can’t resolve on – Web, Email
  • Training time – 3-4 weeks

Deployment Channels


  • QuickBooks
  • SharePoint
  • Oracle
  • NetSuite
  • SAP
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I am a digital AI co-worker Designed to perform all the repetitive and voluminous tasks within the integrated AP and AR function. Here’s what I am capable of accomplishing for any enterprise:

  • Capturing relevant data from a contract for billing needs.
  • Performing the role of a gatekeeper by maintaining a history of all accounts
  • Real-time invoice processing.
  • Setting up of vendor and customer accounts.
  • Tracking of customer payment posting.
  • Tracking payables and bad debts at account level
  • Sending alerts on outstanding payments from existing & lapsed contracts from the same vendor/client.
  • Ensuring seamless and real-time flow of information from timesheets to invoice to billing software.
  • Automatic application of relevant rates based on contract terms for accurate billing.
  • Following up on payment basis due dates and payment terms.
  • Setting up integrated AP and AR workflows as per client requirements.

Results Delivered

  • Real-time processing of vendor invoices
  • Real-time posting of customer payments Omni-channel integration for approval & processing
  • Ability to read structured and unstructured data
  • Analytics and reporting at regular intervals
  • Minimization of errors; achievement of 99% accuracy Real-time reports and dashboards.
  • 100% business continuity, no matter what
  • Clients invoiced accurately and timely
  • Zero bills missed (be it for a human resource, goods & services or temps)
  • Streamlines entire billing process with end-to-end visibility


  • Real-time invoice processing and payment posting
  • Credit rating evaluation
  • Reports and analytics
  • Automated reminders for payments and follow-ups
  • Seamless and conversational flow of information
  • Exception flagging and routing for intervention

I Can be an Excellent Colleague With

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