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In today’s competitive market, seamless sales and marketing collaboration is essential. While marketing teams focus on buyer needs and assist sales in defining accurate buyer personas—handling vast amounts of data and staying abreast of the competition remains a challenge. The AI co-workers built on E42 automate a flurry of tasks ranging from SWOT analysis, campaign tracking, monitoring competition and market trends, insights for account-based strategies, and more—freeing the human teams for strategic decision-making. 

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AI Marketing Analyst

AI Marketing Analyst

Top Line - Nil

Risk - 0%

Compliance - 100%

Bottom line - 17%

Are you getting the right insights, or is the data overwhelming you?

Marketing is all about knowing your customer. To be able to do that you have to go through tons of data, both online and offline. That is an overwhelming task Put a full stop to these overwhelming days. With your AI Analyst, it is possible to evaluate prospects, automate reports and streamline data without manually collecting, parsing and analysing it!


Simply hand over the mundane tasks like data collection, information parsing, report generation and prompting to your 24X7 AI-personalized AI Data Handler! Leverage the power of MarTech by your own AI analyst to scale your marketing efforts faster and smarter!


Standardize and automate your data-handling and analysis functions with the E42 Data Handler that will turn the overwhelming amounts of data into insightful narratives for your sales team! Achieve results in lesser time with features such as-

  • Instant report generation
  • Sales suggestions
  • Insights generation
  • Data segregation and parsing
  • Client profiling
  • Individual tracking
  • Company Tracking
  • SWOT reports
  • Leverage your subscribed data sources.
  • Seamless integration with AI BD Execs and AI survey Execs

AI BD Executive

AI BD executive

Top Line - 16%

Risk - 0%

Compliance - 100%

Bottom line - 27%

Convert more clicks to qualified leads!

Enterprises spend a lot of effort planning and executing marketing campaigns.At the end of the day we are all looking to convert those prospects to qualified leads. However we lose a lot of genuine enquiries just because we don’t have someone to deal with these enquiries 24 X 7. The tail end of campaigns sometimes run into several weeks and just because you don’t have the human bandwidth you end up losing those prospects.


With your AI Business Development executive you can now know and be available to prospects visiting your website, reaching out to you on FB messenger or whatsapp, or clicking the CTA on any of your campaigns.


The AI BD executive built on the no code E42 platform can now proactively engage your audiences with relevant information, qualify the leads and push them to your CRM directly. It can also schedule appointments with the sales team and ensure that not a single prospect is left in the lurch.


Features include

  • Personalised recommendations
  • FAQ / Website Data
  • Product discovery
  • Page refresh (with relevant information)
  • Natural language interactions
  • Omnichannel (Website / App / FB Messenger / Whatsapp / Voice / etc)
  • Multimedia interactions
  • Live escalations to sales
  • Push leads to CRM (Hubspot/Salesforce/etc)
  • 24 X 7 availability

AI Survey Executive

AI survey executive

Top Line - Nil

Risk - 0%

Compliance - 100%

Bottom line - 37%

Know your Target Audience!

Market Surveys play a critical role in defining a marketing strategy. Everything from finding the product market fit, pricing, campaign messaging, customer pain points, etc are a direct outcome of the data collected from the market. However it has to be done scientifically and keeping in mind the various aspects to get an unbiased response from the respondents.


This is where your AI Survey executive built on the no code E42 platform can do wonders. It can simultaneously interview thousands of respondents across any demographic to get a quantitative analysis on your product or offering within hours*.


The AI survey executive can be deployed for AB testing, customer profiling, campaign messaging, competitions, pulse surveys, Net promoter scores, feedback collection and segregation, feature planning, etc.



  • Instant responses
  • Interactive surveys (respondent can also ask questions)
  • Omnichannel (SMS /Website / App / FB Messenger / Whatsapp / Voice / etc)
  • Images/Video can be displayed to elicit responses
  • Real time report generation
  • Natural language responses (not just multiple choice)
  • SMS to Chat, etc
  • Survey manager Helpdesk
*subject to respondent availability

AI Customer Lead Manager

AI customer lead manager

Top Line - Nil

Risk - 0%

Compliance - 100%

Bottom line - 37%

Losing out on customer leads due to time constraints?

Every lost opportunity is lost business, but sometimes it is not possible to manually follow up on leads due to lack of time. Let our AI Customer Lead Manager help you with that!


Don’t lose out on qualified leads anymore even when you are overburdened with work! E42’s Customer Lead Manager can easily sift through huge volumes of leads and follow up with them without compromising on quality of interaction.


You will never miss out on leads, because this AI tool will help to generate leads from various mediums whenever a prospective customer shows interest. It will become that first point of engagement between the lead and your organization through emails or SMS messages. Get a lot of work done with features like-

  • Search tools to generate leads from different platforms
  • Predictive analysis that prioritizes leads based on probability of purchase
  • Email and SMS engagement that replicate sales agents

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