Human Resources

Finding talent, hiring talent, and then retaining that talent, it sounds simple, right?

When we look closer it’s actually a huge challenge. The HR teams have to ensure that they find the right fit for the job, it may not be the best person if they are not used to a culture similar to yours it could be trouble. There are several such factors that need to be considered while any enterprise hires. After that, once hired the HR team plays a critical role in every aspect of their employees lifecycle from onboarding, keeping them learning and motivated, aligning goals, managing teams all the way to separation. All these activities are time-consuming and many of them are even mundane and tedious. The employees actually determine the success trajectory of any enterprise and the HR team empowers them and ensures that each one plays their respective roles.


These AI Co Workers built on the no code E42 platform help HR teams to achieve the best results possible with human effort spent on things that matter, like optimising the hiring process or planning a session with the right trainer for the right teams on an offsite!

AI Recruiter

AI Recruitment Automation

Top Line - 5%

Risk - 0%

Compliance - 100%

Bottom line - 70%

Are you tired of manually calling countless candidates?

Recruiters, we understand your daily struggles – right from first contact interviews, shortlisting, followed by scheduling interviews with teams, senior management!


Why don’t you employ your 24X7 AI-personalized AI Recruiter instead? Experience a smooth hiring process with automated interviewing, matching, scoring and shortlisting. And then reaching out to shortlisted candidates with human interview schedules


The AI Recruiter configured with E42 comes equipped with a BOT-enabled query resolution system to answer candidate queries. Create your own customized AI Recruiter with features such as-

  • Conducting thousands of interviews simultaneously
  • Automatic shortlisting based on knock down questions
  • Ranking resumes based on proximity to JD’s KRAs
  • Candidate helpdesk automation with regards to Application status, Company policy, Standard operating procedure, JD, FAQ, Expense Reimbursement status, Organization structure
  • Hiring manager helpdesk automation for Receiving applications, Meeting room availability, Candidate details query, Candidate search, People directory, To-do lists and Pending tasks

AI HR Executive

Hr Process Automation

Top Line - 10%

Risk - 0%

Compliance - 100%

Bottom line - 60%

Does your entire day revolve around managing attendance and leaves?

Well, HR Executives, that’s about to change for you! Attending to employee problems all day long, helping resolve issues and addressing complaints will all be a thing of the past!


You can completely automate these repetitive processes with your 24X7 AI-personalized AI HR Exec! Speed up those administrative tasks with this E42 HR tool and spend time on more strategic tasks that need your attention.


Leave and attendance management, travel and claims can all be settled in real time with our AI-enabled HR Exec configured with E42! Free yourself from time-consuming processes such as payroll and benefits management, managing and addressing complaints. Get much more done with your AI HR Exec, such as-

  • Employee KYC updating
  • Leave management
  • Attendance management
  • Travel management
  • Payslips and Form 16 downloads
  • Mediclaim applications
  • Raising complaints and more

AI Survey Specialist


Top Line - 0%

Risk - 0%

Compliance - 100%

Bottom line - 70%

Are surveys and feedback forms taking up all your mind space?

Surveys are key to helping organisations retain their talent and making every employee feel wanted. Organizations get valuable data from feedback mechanisms like forms and surveys. But that shouldn’t come at the cost of your time or their privacy! ! Its time to move on from mere surveys measuring momentary moods to getting actionable insights towards employee wellbeing.


Leave the surveys and feedback form filling processes to your 24X7 AI-personalized AI Survey Specialist! This AI-enabled specialist configured on the E42 platform will help to improve employee engagement surveys and get continuous feedback.


You can analyse survey data and extract actionable insights using the capabilities of the AI Survey Specialist! Performance reviews and rating systems too can be managed well using this tool. There are a number of features that will help HR teams take better decisions, such as-

  • Dipstick Surveys
  • Competitions
  • Performance ratings
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Employee onboarding surveys, etc

At E42, creating a safe and healthy working environment takes precedence above all. The company has zero tolerance for prejudice, gender bias, and sexual harassment. For a comprehensive overview of our safety policy, please feel free to contact us at

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