AI IT Ops Manager
(Helps enterprises deliver a seamless employee experience for IT issues through an automated help desk support)


  • Resolving IT issues raised by users and ensuring the smooth running of routine practices within IT service-desk operations.
  • I speak – English and can learn other languages quickly
  • I escalate the incomplete processes and transactions for human intervention on – Email and MS Teams

Deployment Channels

  • Omnichannel support available
  • Client specific intranet and extranet websites and apps
  • Social media:
  • Collab Platforms:
  • Communication channels:IVR, and other internal channels


  • Backend System: CRM, ITSM tools, 2FA, ERP
  • Middleware: IPAAS, Mulesoft, Tibco
  • Public Domain Websites
  • Java Plugin Scripts, Selenium
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I am an AI IT Operations Manager who automates IT service desk support and provides employees with a seamless experience for resolving their IT issues. I process user issues promptly. I can instantly take action based on the issues cited, thus reducing the need for manual monitoring. My ability to handle the workload of several teams single-handedly helps enterprises save the costs incurred on manpower to manage and resolve bulk requests. My contribution has been key to increasing the productivity of IT departments otherwise compromised because of long turn-around times for all the enterprises I have been deployed at.


Here’s all that I can do within a training time of 6-8 weeks:

  • Aiding the IT teams in incident management for any service interruptions
  • Providing L1 support or facilitating self-assistance for employees
  • Automating service desk and technical support operations
  • Facilitating authentication by integrating with LDAP/Active Directory/SAML/Single Sign-On/OTP
  • Integrating with other ITSM tools, knowledge-bases and any other enterprise IT systems
  • Managing escalations for human intervention via multiple channels
  • Providing data analytics and reporting for process enhancement

I come pre-trained with the following features which you can start using within 48 hours of my deployment!

Results Delivered

  • Able to process more than 13000+ emails in a single day
  • Multiple inbound and outbound mail configured to read and process the tickets
  • Assisting more than 7 teams at one time
  • 500 person-days saved in a month


  • I converse with employees and understand their intent using my powerful AI NLP skills
  • I am able to proactively resolve their IT issues
  • My machine learning skills allow me to learn with every interaction
  • I learn from your functional expertise
  • I’m able to recommend succeeding query/problem user might be interested in
  • I’m able to provide an overview of trending queries specific to a particular issue
  • I don’t need a techie to train and maintain me
  • I can read documents and FAQs, etc. and can get information from images, videos, and voice commands
  • I can memorize the company policy docs and help your employees with their queries

I Can be an Excellent Colleague With

Other E42 AI co-workers including the AI Customer Care Executive and AI HR Executive – intelligently automating your enterprise across functions!

I come pre-trained with the following features which you can start using within 48 hours of my deployment!

  • Integrating with your help desk and ticketing systems
  • Automating the creation of tickets, issue classification, and categorization
  • Processing email content and attachments
  • Sending acknowledgment/updates for processed tickets
  • Proving answers for IT Ops-related FAQs – pertaining to cyber security, cloud security, etc.
  • Instantly providing ticket status and history
  • Agent escalations on the platform

At E42, creating a safe and healthy working environment takes precedence above all. The company has zero tolerance for prejudice, gender bias, and sexual harassment. For a comprehensive overview of our safety policy, please feel free to contact us at

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