AI Customer Care Executive
(Attends to customer queries and complaints around the clock)


  • Generating data-driven insights, automating conversations, transforming the customer service function for enterprises, and improving customer experience across the process stages.
  • I speak – English and can learn other languages quickly
  • I escalate the incomplete processes and transactions for human intervention on – Email and MS Teams

Deployment Channels

  • Omnichannel support available
  • Client specific intranet and extranet websites and apps
  • Social media:
  • Collaboration Platforms:
  • Communication channels:IVR, and other internal channels


  • Backend System: CRM, ITSM tools, 2FA, ERP
  • Middleware: IPAAS, Mulesoft, Tibco
  • Public Domain Websites
  • Java Plugin Scripts, Selenium
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I’m an AI-powered Customer Care Executive who helps enterprises optimize their customer support processes and attends to customer queries around the clock. From tracking customer behavior, and analyzing patterns and sequences to understanding customer queries and offering a fast and accurate resolution to instantly looping in live agents when needed – I can do it all with utmost accuracy and at the speed of light!


Here’s all that I can do within a training time of 6-8 weeks:

  • Provide round-the-clock availability – reducing the TAT for query resolution
  • Offer help desk solutions for information on activities, account balance, insights, etc.
  • Initiate conversations with minimal human intervention – reducing the average processing time for each query
  • Facilitate better CSAT scores as a result of enhanced customer experience
  • Perform customer authentication, saving agents’ time up to 50%
  • Generate insights with predictive analysis based on a customer’s history
  • Provide multi-model responses – text to text, text to voice, voice to text, and more
  • Perform auto loading and page refresh in the background
  • Send reminders and notifications via SMS and email for follow-up
  • Conduct classification of intent for accurate query response

I come pre-trained with the following features which you can start using within 48 hours of my deployment!

Results Delivered

  • More than $100,000 savings month-on-month
  • 100% time saved for agents in customer authentication
  • 50% reduction in the number of tickets created
  • 0% SLA violations due to increased traffic with quick responses to user queries
  • 60% improvement in CSAT scores


  • I converse with customers and understand their intent using my powerful AI NLP skills
  • I am able to proactively engage them on their pending tasks
  • My machine learning skills allow me to learn with every interaction
  • I learn from your functional expertise
  • I’m able to recommend succeeding query/problem user might be interested in
  • I’m able to provide an overview of trending queries specific to a particular issue
  • I don’t need a techie to train and maintain me
  • I can read documents and FAQs, etc. and can get information from images, videos, and voice commands
  • I can memorize the company policy docs and help your employees with their queries

I Can be an Excellent Colleague With

Other E42 AI co-workers including the AI Customer Onboarding Executive and AI IT Ops Manager – intelligently automating your enterprise across functions!

I come pre-trained with the following features which you can start using within 48 hours of my deployment!

  • Facilitating OTP authentication for verification via email
  • Providing product recommendations based on the current product selection
  • Providing details of company/product features upon query and service FAQs
  • Handling grievance redressal and complaint registration
  • Facilitating ticketing system for issue resolution
  • Tracking tickets for better customer support
  • Perform live agent escalation for incomplete processes and transactions for faster complaint resolution
  • Taking customer ratings and feedback to improve user experience

At E42, creating a safe and healthy working environment takes precedence above all. The company has zero tolerance for prejudice, gender bias, and sexual harassment. For a comprehensive overview of our safety policy, please feel free to contact us at

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