AI Customer Care Executive for BFSI
(Resolves customer queries, reduces TATs, increases operational efficiency)


  • To proactively engage with customers, cater to them round the clock, and enable customer support automation for enterprises within the BFSI sector
  • I speak – English and can learn other languages quickly
  • I can not only have guided and/or human-like interactions between a human agent and the customer through speech or text, but also can be one window for document processing as well.

Deployment Channels

  • Omnichannel support available
  • Client-specific intranet and extranet websites and apps
  • Social Media:
  • Communication Channels:IVR, and other internal channels


  • Backend System: SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle, HRMS
  • Middleware: IPAAS, Mulesoft, Tibco
  • Public domain websites
  • Java Plugin Scripts, Selenium
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I am an AI-powered Customer Care Executive, with an intuitive UI and voice-enabled features, specifically built for the BFSI sector! Using my machine learning (ML), NLU, NLP, and NLG skills, I’m capable of understanding queries, simulating conversations with customers, and addressing issues efficiently. I’m equipped to handle and, in turn, reduce human intervention in major customer service tasks ranging from general inquiries, customer onboarding, and complaint handling to back office support like underwriting support and customer surveys.


I am guided by pre-configured journeys, pre-built data models, and optimized processes with real-time insights from the journey context and behavior to personalize CX interactions providing true omnichannel experience.


Here’s all that I can do within a training time of 6-8 weeks:

Integrate with multiple backend systems to provide personalized CX services across customer care, technical support, billing, payment processing, complaints management, sales, cross-sell and upsell, outbound campaigns, loyalty management, credit management, early and late stage collections, order processing, claims administration, underwriting support, KYC and so on!


Customer Support

  • Provide one window for addressing customer queries across multiple banking services – accounts, transactions, loans, credit and debit cards, wallets, pay later accounts, forex, and many others
  • Streamline processes like digital KYC, customer onboarding, requests for new accounts/loans/cards, etc.
  • Detect customer intent and categorize them as FAQs, complaints, requests, queries, grievances, irate customers, etc.
  • Drive customer conversations based on intent
  • Automate ticket logging based on the customer’s category of query and update the ticketing or CRM system
  • Automate simple tasks like scheduling appointments, sending transaction alerts, reminders and notifications, sending chat transcripts to customers, etc.
  • Track real-time user location for actionable insights or strategies for geofencing
  • Perform sentiment analysis of conversations for service improvement
  • Analyze customer sessions, reading likes, preferences to provide product recommendations
  • Run calculations across multiple functions like loans, deposit modelling, credit card eligibility checks, reward points, etc.


Document handling

  • Process account/loan application requests
  • Conduct ICR-enabled customer onboarding
  • Carry out real-time data extraction from client documents

I’m readily available to start working with you and can perform the following within 48 hours of my deployment!

Results Delivered

  • 95% cost reduced in the customer support process
  • Reduction in query resolution time from hours to mere seconds
  • Reduction in ticket volume generation
  • Increased CSAT scores
  • Improved SLAs with quick responses to user queries
  • Actionable insights from user interactions and engagements
  • Increasing brand loyalty, acquisition, conversion & retention of customers


  • I converse with customers and understand their intent using my powerful AI NLP skills
  • I am able to proactively engage them with quick resolution of queries
  • My machine learning skills allow me to learn with every interaction and improve continuously as more data is fed in
  • I learn from your functional expertise
  • I also learn from initial training and information gathered over context and intent-based customer conversations
  • I do not need a script but rather teach myself progressively through reinforcement learning
  • I’m able to predict the next query/problem that the customer might have
  • I am designed to follow workflows designed specific to your organization
  • I don’t need a techie to train and maintain me
  • I can read documents, answer FAQs and can get information from images, videos, and voice commands
  • I can memorize company policy documents and fetch the exact details pertaining to the query raised by your customers

I Can be an Excellent Colleague With

Other E42 AI co-workers including AI KYC Agent for BFSIAI agent for Email Automation – intelligently automating your enterprise across functions!

I’m readily available to start working with you and can perform the following within 48 hours of my deployment!

  • Provide end-to-end details about banks, their product features, the latest updates and available services
  • Perform grievance redressal and complaint registration
  • Provide live agent escalation for high-priority processes/grievances
  • Raise and track tickets for issue resolution
  • Recommend the nearest ATM/branch using the users’ location
  • Recommend products based on their current product selection

At E42, creating a safe and healthy working environment takes precedence above all. The company has zero tolerance for prejudice, gender bias, and sexual harassment. For a comprehensive overview of our safety policy, please feel free to contact us at

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