Bringing Intelligent Automation to IT Operations

IT Operations teams shoulder the responsibility of not just ensuring device and system functionality but also navigating evolving business needs and optimizing existing systems. The AI co-workers built on E42 liberate IT Ops professionals from time-consuming tasks, allowing a sharper focus on strategic initiatives. These AI co-workers streamline activities like managing error logs, accessing user reports, addressing performance issues and irregularities—enhancing operational efficiency and reducing unnecessary human intervention.

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Explore E42 AI Co-Workers Built for IT Operations

AI IT Ops Manager
Helps enterprises deliver a seamless employee experience for IT issues through an automated help desk support

Function – IT Operations
Impact – BL


  • Saves time on processing bulk of information
  • Reduces unnecessary human intervention
  • Handles the work-load of several teams single-handedly
  • Manages error-free & efficient ticketing system automation
  • Resolves issues in lesser time with reduced costs
  • Quick turn-around-times 

Number of Deployment

AI Agent for Email Automation
Automating inbound customer service request emails by prioritizing, classification, processing and re-routing to the appropriate teams

Function – Customer Support
Impact – BL


  • 100% time saved for agents in customer authentication
  • 50% reduction in the number of tickets created
  • 0% SLA violations due to increased traffic with quick responses to user queries
  • 60% improvement in CSAT scores
  • 50% reduction in TAT for high priority cases

Number of Deployment


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