Terms & Conditions

Services Provided :


In consideration of the Software Support Fee(s) paid by Licensee and Licensee’s agreement to meet the responsibilities set forth below, Light Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. (LISPL) shall provide to Licensee the following Technical Assistance and Maintenance services:


Technical Assistance :


A. LISPL shall assist Licensee in diagnosing errors and malfunctions that occur when the software is used by Licensee

B. LISPL shall provide support services to Licensee to attempt to correct diagnosed errors and malfunctions. LISPL is not responsible for errors or malfunctions caused by any hardware or any third party software.

C. All Technical Assistance shall be performed between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Indian Standard Time, Monday through Friday, holidays excluded.

D. For an additional fee, LISPL can provide 24×7 Mission Critical Support including onsite support. The exact calculation of the fee depends on the size of the installation and the geographical location where the onsite presence is required. Mission Critical Support is not provided unless Licensee has purchased this additional plan from LISPL.

E. LISPL will provide Technical Assistance by email, telephone or web chat

F. LISPL will deploy personnel who are trained in the use of the Software for handling Technical Assistance requests via email, telephone and chat

G. LISPL makes the following specific commitments to response to requests for Technical Assistance from Licensee:


1. To use the following classification of severity levels mutually agreed with Licensee while responding to Licensee’s request for technical help:


i. Severity 1: Emergency. Production system is down. All users are affected.

ii. Severity 2: Urgent. System is up. Some users and functionality are affected.

iii. Severity 3: Non-critical. System is up. Functionality is not affected. However users may have a query about how to operate the system.


2. To adhere to the following Response Times based on the severity of the problem:

Severity Level Response Time Resolution time  for Interim  solutionFinal Resolution  time


Maintenance  Hours


Maintenance  Hours

1 Emergency < 4 hours < 16 hours 1 business day 3 business days
2 Urgent < 8 hours < 24 hours 2 business days 5 business days
3. Informational < 1 business  day< 4 business  days3 business days 7 business days


If the problem cannot be resolved within the required response and resolution times stated above, LISPL will submit a revised plan incorporating a resolution target date to Licensee for approval, which consent shall not be withheld unreasonably.

Maintenance hours are (Indian Standard Time): Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 6:00pm, Indian Standard Time Saturday : Off Sunday and Public Holidays: Off


Maintenance :

A. LISPL will make each Release of Program published during the term of the Software Support Agreement available to Licensee as provided in Appendix A. LISPL shall make best efforts to provide Releases that implement corrections and shall notify Licensee for such Releases and shall make best efforts to assist Licensee in using the Program in a way that can avoid diagnosed errors, malfunctions and defects.

B. Licensee is not entitled to receive any new software from LISPL which LISPL does not seem to be a part of the Program. For example, Licensee is entitled to all updates and upgrades to the Program, but should LISPL release another software package with related but different functionality, Licensee would not be entitled to such software as an update or upgrade to the Program.

C. Licensee is entitled to download, at no additional cost, versions of the Program for any additional Platforms available from LISPL as listed in LISPL’ published offering of products, provided that the aggregate number of users supported does not exceed the total number of concurrent licensed users. [We would not be providing Licensees any software in downloadable format. All the software will be installed on either a cloud instance hosted by us, or by the Licensee. Also, no physical media of the software will be offered]


Licensee Responsibilities :

A. Licensee will make its best commercially reasonable efforts to keep current with the latest Release of Program provided by LISPL.

B. Licensee shall designate the appropriate number of individuals as contact(s) for Software Support, as agreed by the parties. The total number of contacts is not to exceed two (2) contacts per hundred (100) users. Licensee has the right to change the contacts at any time upon written notification to LISPL.


Maintenance and Technical Assistance Personnel :

LISPL shall maintain the necessary number of properly skilled, trained, qualified and experienced personnel and to use only such personnel for timely and efficient provision of Technical Assistance and Maintenance services to Licensee.

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