AI Recruiter
(CV to JD matching, smart interviews, candidate engagement, and support for the talent team)


  • To streamline the recruitment process to enable enterprises to hire and onboard relevant candidates quickly and efficiently and provide a hassle-free experience to candidates!
  • I speak – English and can learn other languages in a jiffy!
  • I escalate the issues that I can’t resolve on – Email
  • Training time – 4-6 Weeks

Deployment Channels

  • Omnichannel support available
  • Client specific intranet and extranet websites and apps
  • Social Media:
  • Collab Platforms:
  • Communication Channels:IVR, and other internal channels


  • ABACUS, Talio
  • Backend System: SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle, HRMS
  • Middleware: IPAAS, Mulesoft, Tibco
  • Public domain websites
  • Java plugin scripts, Selenium
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I empower enterprises by making the hiring process intelligent, fast, and convenient. With an ample amount of training, I can help unburden my human colleagues of numerous mundane tasks like screening resumes, matching job descriptions, and conducting interviews. With my NLP and machine learning skills, I considerably reduce the time spent on vetting resumes so that the management can focus on hiring the right candidate.


I automate the initial interview process with every candidate, running through a set of randomized, curated questions that can be both conversational or in a multi-select format. Fluent in multiple languages, I can engage with candidates from the time they apply to the day of joining and can convert passive profiles into active candidates with engagement and custom-built talent pipelines!


Here’s all that I can do within a training time of 6-8 weeks: 

  • Monitor and classify invoice-related information from multiple channels such as web, chat, email 
  • Identify the source of the information as sent from a known vendor 
  • Extract information from various invoice types 
  • Handle handwritten invoices (60-70% accuracy) 
  • Manage poor quality and noisy invoices 
  • Implement multi-level approval for non-PO invoices 
  • Auto-tag fields for untrained invoices 
  • Manage vendor queries with conversational AI 
  • Extract and decrypt QR codes for eInvoicing 
  • Manage escalations via email, MS Teams, WhatsApp, and more 
  • Run 2-way, 3-way, and n-way matches as well as matches against government portals for validation   
  • Communicate with vendors for missing information or discrepancies in invoices  
  • Send extracted data for approvals based on the workflow logic
  • Achieves data cleansing and normalization 
  • Facilitate approvals as per the defined hierarchy 
  • Send reminders and follow-up to the finance team as per the TAT   
  • Process PO as well as non-PO invoices   
  • Process payments based on pre-authorization 
  • Facilitate the final data push to the ERP accounting software 
  • Store the invoices in an internal system  
  • Showcase a custom-built dashboard for analysis of invoice processing  

I’m readily available to start working with you and can perform the following within 48 hours of my deployment!

Results Delivered

  • Complete automation of pre-screening of candidates for multiple departments
  • More than 60% time savings for the HR department
  • 100% compliance
  • Increase in top line by 5%
  • 70% addition to the bottom line


  • I converse with candidates and understand their intent using my powerful AI NLP skills
  • I am able to proactively engage them on their pending tasks
  • My machine learning skills allow me to learn with every interaction
  • I learn from your functional expertise
  • I’m able to predict the next query/problem that the candidate might have
  • I don’t need a techie to train and maintain me
  • I can read documents and FAQs, etc. and can get information from images, videos, and voice commands
  • I can memorize the company policy docs and help your employees with their queries

I Can be an Excellent Colleague With

Other E42 AI co-workers including AI KYC Agent, AI IT Ops manager, and AI HR Executive – intelligently automating your enterprise across functions!

I’m readily available to start working with you and can perform the following within 48 hours of my deployment!

  • Answer organization-specific FAQs round the clock to support candidates and manage queries
  • Conduct interviews through custom-built workflows based on specific job requirements
  • Automatically score candidates based on answers given by them without any human intervention
  • Notify candidates regarding their application/interview status

At E42, creating a safe and healthy working environment takes precedence above all. The company has zero tolerance for prejudice, gender bias, and sexual harassment. For a comprehensive overview of our safety policy, please feel free to contact us at interact@e42.ai

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