Customer Centric Cognitive Process Automation

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Enter Cognitive Process automation, the next wave in automation where the cognitive powers that we have can be handed over to the machines to do a better job with it.


When you think about cognition you typically think about something that a human can do and not a machine, that’s where the Cognitive Process automation of E42 comes into the picture. CPA automates any process where traditionally human cognition (speech, understanding of text, ability to read and understand, see and understand, etc..) is required. E42 CPA platform helps you to achieve Customer centric Cognitive process Automation – Automating your key processes keeping the customer in the center and focusing on the outcomes like better customer experience and lower cost. Here better customer experience is used as a catch all phrase to represent things like zero wait times, 24×7 availability, omni channel and a personal support personnel (artificial though) for each of your customers that always remembers. Essentially the cognitive capabilities of the system rather than humans propels the scale of operations


Disconnected Customer journeys – different problems different departments


Let’s say you called a bank /credit card company/ telecom service to mention a few of the key product/service support scenarios that everyone would have experienced. (if you have never contacted your bank or telecom service provider ever in your life stop reading this – you are either too young or you are an alien and your planet already evolved CPA to the next level)


While enquiring about your transactions or a refund status you decided to check on your loan account, you get transferred to another person in another department, while doing the loan account enquiry, if you decide to ask about something else, you will get tossed to someone else in another department and so on and so forth. This scenario arises because most of the enterprises are organised into internal processes and departments with certain focused skill sets and they translate this directly into the customer which is not a customer centric approach. In a customer-centric approach, the customer gets a single window to address all their queries and problems. Irrespective of how the organisation is set up internally. This poses an additional challenge of training human workforce to deal with a myriad of problems that the customer is facing, and if your customer base is large, the problem is even more severe since it will be a challenge to train a large workforce (call center) to deal with a variety of issues rather than siloed training. With CPA you can have a single customer centric window and assistant that helps the customer with all of their issues irrespective of the department that the issue belongs to with intelligent escalations to solve the customer problem 100%, 100% of the time.


Typically no call centre can be set up for peak volumes at all times without keeping a lot of idle work force and you always hit a peak volume whenever the customer is desperate for some support (e.g. a service / product outage). A customer reaching out at a bad time and facing long queues and compromised service quality could negate the entire good will build up over the years. The Only solution is cognitive process automation that automatically scales as per the customer demand.


Remember the customer

Have you ever experienced a call drop/disconnect while describing a problem to a support personnel and having to start all over again when you get connected to a new person when you call again. What if you get to talk to the same person every time you reach out for help or support. With E42 CPA organizations can afford to offer a personal assistant to every customer at a lower cost.


Omni channel interaction

The experience of the customer reaching out to the organization should be consistent irrespective of the channel of interaction and the history/knowledge of the interaction should be utilized in every channel and interaction for providing a consistent and superlative customer centric experience. Today this is possible only with E42 CPA. With E42 you can have a personal AI agent dedicated to every customer and the same agent deals with the customer irrespective of whether the customer calls in, interacts over Whatsapp, gets in touch from the mobile app or over email.


Chatbots are the new HTML5

Chatbots, AI Assistant etc. have been seeing a good uptake with enterprises but does it actually help in a strategic scale. It may help you to get some temporary tactical benefits. Typical chat bots work with intent classification with scripted dialogues, this does not help the organization to get any kind of strategic benefit or generate any kind of usable AI learnings at all. The more you want to turn customer centric and add areas of support for the customer on your chat bot the less accuracy you get and more scripting you will have to do, to a point of the chatbot completely failing to scale beyond a point. This is usually the time the enterprise starts looking for a new technology to replace the chatbots as we start seeing now with some of the early adopters of intent based chatbots.


Yes, it may help in catering to a specific group of customers reaching out to you with a specific request; with this level of predictability (specific customer group for a specific problem) enterprises can design and script a very nice html5 page to cater to these customers. Instead of scripting, the dialogues deploy the resources to script in HTML. Chat is just a channel and the enterprise should look at what is the automation that can be achieved with powerful AI and NLP while keeping the customer and the desired outcomes in the center. CPA helps you achieve this while keeping a very personalized engaging omni channel exchange with your customers.


RPA is Robotic

As the name implies. It duplicates repetitive robotic human action without any intelligence and cognition. If you are repetitively opening a specific excel sheet in a specific folder on your computer and copying a specific cell (based on row and column without an understanding of what the cell is about) in an excel sheet into a DB, you can use RPA to automate it. If any kind of decision making is coming into the picture RPA fails. In the same example if you are looking for something specific based on your understanding and deciding on the action based on what you find (a value for e.g) you need cognitive process automation for the machine to act like you automate the process. Cognitive Process Automation is always AI first, Approaching CPA via an RPA route is like trying to convert a bullock cart into an electric car rather than looking for an electric car in the first place.


The next wave – Cognitive Process Automation

A customer centric approach is essential for businesses today and ultimately it is the understanding through cognition of E42 that drives the automation and helps the organization to offer a better customer experience at scale while lowering costs. Some of the Key features of the E42 CPA platform that helps organization is customer centric cognitive process automation are as follows.


  • E42 Platform understands Unstructured data at Human Parity (Patents pending) levels – Whether it is documents, Videos, Images – the system understand the data as it is just like a human without having the break up the documents or videos or images into manual tags or scripted dialogues.
  • Powerful UI and workflow designer to configure the automation, define and manage workflows, manage the data and users, etc..
  • Integrates with any enterprise system, UI configuration for new API hooks
  • Omnichannel (multiple processes with single window)
  • Hosted on any cloud or premise, security as per your organization policies and organization owns the AI learnings for the future.

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