Importance of Automation in IT Operations: Why Businesses Need it Now More Than Ever

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Due to digitalization, the adoption of IT management has become an essential part of any organization. One of the major advancements in the IT field has been the development of IT Operations Management (ITOM) which ensures that a business’s IT infrastructure, such as its servers and devices, keep running smoothly and that everything is backed up, and that’s just the start. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the very concept, looking at how AI-led automation of IT operations is integral to the overall smooth functioning of an enterprise and is key to kick-starting its hyperautomation journey.


IT Operations or IT Ops refers to the processes, practices, and services managed by an organization’s IT team to meet the business needs pertaining to its employees and customers for the smooth functioning of all processes and functions. The purpose of IT Ops is to maintain the overall performance on all the management aspects related to delivering on the business mission. Some technology trends that impact the IT Operations workflow are artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and IoT devices. Automation in IT Operations helps monitor and control functions carrying out operational tasks such as console management, job scheduling, backup and restore, incident management, and a lot more.

Need for Automation in IT Operations

IT Operations is literally the backbone of a company’s IT infrastructure – be it the development of department policies, resolution of help desk escalations, or the management of upgrades and installations – IT Ops play a vital role across functions. IT Ops processes improve IT services, support other business requirements, and help the organization adapt to the shifting needs of its customer’s demand while keeping the operational stability of the company intact.


Having said that, IT Operations are increasingly complex – with data to be managed and structured across all the departments and new tools to be integrated and configured for the smooth functioning of the enterprise. This need for rapid change and real-time data synching makes managing the slew of tasks manually, a daunting task for the IT Ops teams. That’s where the automation piece fits right in – it increases reliability, and reduces complexity and operational costs while enhancing the agility and efficiency of IT services.

Benefits of Automation in IT Operations

Automating the standard IT Operations can potentially enhance the overall functioning of an organization, here’s how:


Better incident management

One of the most prominent areas where AI-driven intelligent chatbots are contributing, when it comes to IT Operations is incident management. With the number of incident tickets rising by the day, given the large adoption of tech across enterprise functions, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the human workforce to effectively handle each. Trained AI chatbots can handle routine IT service requests completely independent of any human intervention – ensuring a personal touch to each interaction. 


Effective management of company assets 

IT Ops automation tools help improve an organization’s asset management. Using AI-led automation, it’s possible to track the performance of all hardware and software assets 24/7 – which positively impacts the durability and performance of these assets as each and every incident can be reported in real-time. 


Overall improved efficiency and accuracy 

It has been proven that repetitive manual tasks are one of the main reasons for human error which leads to further time and resources spent on fixing the issues that so arise. Minimizing human intervention by automating routine, repetitive tasks like updating permissions or configuring servers and reducing the frequency of outages can be highly beneficial to IT operations. 


Analytics and reporting

AI-enabled IT Ops solutions allow for capturing historical data, analyzing service requests through pattern analysis, automatically detecting issues, generating reports, and more – collectively having a positive impact on the overall operational efficiency of the IT Operations function.

Automating IT Operations With E42

E42 is a no-code AI-NLP-powered platform that is bringing process-agnostic automation to the enterprise. The E42 AI IT Ops Manager ensures a smooth running of routine processes including providing instant support, handling new service requests, and support scheduling, with the highest level of accuracy and speed. To know more and start a one-month free trial of this AI worker, write to us at



Given the complexity of IT operations and the importance of a well-oiled IT infrastructure for a business to thrive in a tech-first ecosystem, enterprises need to choose hyperautomation now, more than ever. With AI and machine learning-powered automation solutions, IT Operations can be streamlined, human intervention reduced, and business productivity increased. Now is the time when if an organization is not adopting automation, especially in the space of IT Ops, they are likely to pay the price sooner than they know!

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