Role of AI-led Automation in Revolutionizing Human Resource Management (HRM)

If you’re in human resources, your day is probably filled with monotonous tasks, right? For instance, the mountain of files and folders must be daunting. Wouldn’t it be easy to sit back and let machines do the work? You’re probably thinking, “if only that were possible!”. Well, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), there’s no need for wishful thinking anymore – AI HR automation is already here! In fact, the implementation of AI-led automation in HR management is already transforming the domain as we speak. Research shows that AI can be a boon to HR. And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that more will hop onboard with HR automation solutions once they see their potential in action. 66% of CEOs believe that AI can be a boon to HR. And, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that more will hop onboard with HR automation solutions once they see their potential in action. 


But how exactly does AI-led automation help in HR management? Let’s take a look! 

Finding the perfect candidate 


In the realm of HR management, the task of finding the ideal candidate among the multitude of applications can be a daunting task. Over half of all recruiters share this sentiment. However, the introduction of AI-led automation in HR management has revolutionized this process, making a remarkable impact. With AI co-workers, the entire recruitment process is streamlined, starting from the moment candidates submit their resumes. Through AI-driven initial screening, candidates undergo evaluation even before any human interaction takes place. The implementation of HR process automation not only saves valuable time but also optimizes resource allocation. It allows HR professionals to focus on a smaller pool of highly qualified candidates. 


Improves engagement 


Don’t you just hate it when people don’t call you back on time? As human beings, we like to communicate, so it’s only natural that a lack of communication makes us lose interest in building a relationship. The same holds in our jobs. 50% of candidates state that they lose interest in the job when a potential employer doesn’t respond on time and 40% state that they completely lose interest when they don’t hear back within a week. With automation in HR management, this process can be streamlined. AI-powered virtual assistant keeps the candidates informed and offers feedback through their journey. AI can also update candidate records to include any new skills or experience that they might have gained since the last time you interacted.  


Better onboarding experience 


Incorporating AI-led automation in HR management plays a pivotal role in facilitating a smooth transition for new hires into their respective roles. It can help the new recruits get a grasp for the new job, role, and company seamlessly. While orientation remains an essential means of introducing new employees to company policies, culture, and processes, AI can efficiently handle basic inquiries and provide information about various company programs. 


Let’s face it, most of us struggle to recall every detail covered during training and conferences. Our memories tend to retain only fragments of information. Well, there’s no need to feel bad about it. The fact is, only around 10% of employees remember what was covered in initial conferences and training. Fortunately, AI doesn’t suffer from forgetfulness. By implementing automation in HR management, we can address this issue. Unlike humans, AI can retain and recall information consistently. It ensures that employees have access to the knowledge they need beyond the initial training sessions and conferences. This integration of AI solutions in HR management proves invaluable in maximizing learning retention and overcoming the limitations of human memory.  


Helps eliminate bias 


As humans, we are prone to bias. We mostly rely on our judgment when it comes to making decisions. Even if we rely on facts and figures, monotonous tasks can impair our judgment. However, implementing AI-led automation tools in HR management leverages the power of data analysis to make decisions. By evaluating a candidate’s strengths and qualifications, AI can present the most suitable candidates to recruiters. While the final decision still rests with the recruiter, AI eliminates the monotony and potential bias. With AI-led automation in HR management, recruiters can make informed decisions supported by data, enhancing objectivity and ensuring the selection of the right candidate for the job. 


Better employee management 


The duties of HRs don’t end with onboarding. Even if you find the best candidates, managing them is a continuous task. AI automation tools can be implemented in HR management processes to manage numerous aspects of employee management. 


We have moved into a digital world where jobs are moving online. Keeping track of employees working on-site is a massive task in itself. This only gets more complicated when employees begin to work online. Hence, the answer lies in AI. It’s more than capable of identifying the key metrics to measure productivity and can even be trained to help you define pay and performance among candidates. 


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By now, the benefits of implementing AI in HR management are pretty clear. With its ability to simplify tasks for us humans, AI is allowing HRs to stay focused on the human element, while it handles everything else. However, it’s just the beginning of a revolution that this Sci-Fi like technology is bringing across enterprise functions including HR. One thing’s for sure, HR management can be made highly efficient with HR automation solutions with their ability to learn and analyze data! 


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