AI Gatekeeper
(Automated gate entries, visitor management, and invoice processing)


  • Automating day-to-day visitor verification through document processing for gate entries, along with efficient management of vendors through invoice processing, data extraction and instant validation.
  • I speak – English and can learn other languages quickly
  • I escalate the incomplete processes and transactions for human intervention on – Email and MS Teams

Deployment Channels

  • Omnichannel support available
  • Client specific intranet and extranet websites and apps
  • Social Media:
  • Collab Platforms:
  • Communication Channels:IVR, and other internal channels


  • Backend System: CRM, ITSM tools, 2FA, ERP
  • Middleware: IPAAS, Mulesoft, Tibco
  • Public Domain Websites
  • Java Plugin Scripts, Selenium
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As a virtual AI Gatekeeper, I can optimize footfall and automate the complete visitor management system for manufacturing-based workshops, plants, and other setups. I help streamline the gate entry process — making repeat check-ins faster by capturing relevant information from a first-time visitor and using it to validate the next entry by the same visitor. I can perform identity document-based screening for automated gate entries of visitors.


I can also process invoices right at the gate, extracting relevant details by performing a lookup against the GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) and providing it in a single window to vendors for validation. Since I operate even outside normal business hours and am available 24/7 to help vendors and delivery individuals to virtually submit invoices, I’m able to fast-track the payment process. This way, unnecessary lags are avoided, paving the way for streamlined vendor-management and a great experience for the end-users.


Here’s all that I can do within a training time of 6-8 weeks:

  • Facilitate automated gate entry with the help of document processing
  • Automatically processing invoices and extracting data for payment validation
  • Connect with ticketing systems for resolving issues or human agent escalations
  • Manage identity verification for visitors at the plant gate
  • Seamlessly transfer data to backend systems like ERP/CRM
  • Provide multilingual support for processing invoices

I come pre-trained with the following features which you can start using within 48 hours of my deployment!

Results Delivered

  • Extracted data with 96% accuracy, 4% attributable to low scan/resolution of documents
  • Supported different file formats for template-free extraction
  • Saved vendor time spent on validation & status updates while processing
  • Instant Invoice Processing & verification updates


  • I converse with users and detect their intent using my powerful AI NLP skills
  • I am able to proactively engage potential leads and carry out virtual user requests
  • My machine learning skills allow me to learn with every interaction
  • I learn from your functional expertise
  • I’m able to recommend succeeding query/problem user might be interested in
  • I’m able to provide overview of trending queries specific to a particular issue
  • I don’t need a techie to train and maintain me
  • I can read documents and FAQs, etc., and can get information from images, videos, and voice commands
  • I can memorize policy terms and help visitors with their queries

I Can be an Excellent Colleague With

Other E42 AI co-workers including the AI Accounts Payable Executive and AI HR Executive – intelligently automating your enterprise across functions!

I come pre-trained with the following features which you can start using within 48 hours of my deployment!

  • Invoice scanning/clicking and uploading for data extraction
  • Reviewing and validating transactions through configured maker-checker
  • Syncing extracted data via APIs
  • Providing 24/7 support

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