The Art of HR Process Automation not just a necessity; they’re an evolution

Remember the first two months of  joining an organization and being puzzled for half of the time.


Not knowing whom to interact with, everybody being busy in their own work.


What if you wanted to take a leave or simply know what the cafeteria menu is.


You have lots of questions in your mind. Imagine, if you have a dedicated personal assistant for Employee process automation  who could help you with everything you need. Also with things that you didn’t know you needed to know.


Same being with HR the challenges HR face

Processing leave requests through spreadsheets for hundreds of employees is a gargantuan task. HR has a lot of responsibilities – recruiting, employee onboarding,Payroll, training,and many more like these. Most of these tasks are repetitive in nature and require a massive amount of hours and labour. By  Automating HR functions, companies can save upto 20 percent.


E42 multifunctional cognitive agent are capable of functioning as fully cognitive business assistants above human capability.


HR workflow automation also helps to eliminate the existing convolutions in business processes by transforming them into an automated structure. The approvals and requests that were once manually handled will be redesigned and executed effortlessly through automated workflows.


The rising demands for digitization have made Cognitive Automation for HR processes the perfect solution for eliminating inefficiencies in the HR process. Using Cognitive Automation for HR processes to replace human intelligence/cognition-related work. Works with unstructured data along with natural language understanding and generation. Producing insights, analytics, and taking actions at or above human capability. Virtual Office Services


These are some of the feature

  • Varied use cases – Users can interact with E42 to ask about company policy that relates to them, leave and benefits information and much more. The system can be configured to offer personalized information depending on the user profile/level in the organization.
  • Omni-Channel – E42 integrates with your website, mobile applications as well as collaborative or social platforms. Leverage the power of intelligent bots across Slack, Facebook, Skype, Telegram and more.
  • Transaction Management – Employees in any enterprise can now easily manage transactions related to HR. Leave applications, claim reimbursements, payroll process-related actions, etc., are easily managed by the AI E42 powered system.
  • High user engagement – Highly personalized and intuitive interactions make E42 powered enterprise applications highly utility-based, and focused on delivering value in terms of user delight in addition to process and cost-efficiency. Customizable experiences across business functions make the system powerful for a wide range of users.
  • Intelligent Algorithms – E42 powered Employee assistants have deep learning capabilities in addition to their E42 driven conversational abilities, that make them intelligent like no other. E42 learn from every interaction across various functions and uses the learning to further personalize the overall experience for each user and/or function. For eg: if more users apply for a type of reimbursement or claim at a particular time of the month, the system will learn to prompt that facility to a particular profile of users over time.
  • Easy Integration – E42 easily integrates with globally popular enterprise HR products such as HRMS, LMS, ATS, DMS, etc. This helps enterprises leverage user and process data to deliver highly focused experiences across their Automation initiatives. E42 powerful algorithms work with both structured and unstructured data sources to deliver potent application experiences. Integrations via Web Services and APIs are available for the following products, with many more being added.

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