How to Prevent Employee Burnout with AI-Powered Tools

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The monotony of repetitive tasks can cause anyone to experience burnout and has become common in today’s fast-paced, high-pressure work environment. With so many tasks to accomplish on a daily basis, it’s only natural to feel physically and mentally exhausted. The fact is, 7 out of 10 employees experience burnout at some point. That means a whopping 70 percent of all employees go through it. What’s more, 50 percent of those employees tend to look for a job change and by the time their employer realizes what’s happening, the decision to quit has been made. So, how do you prevent this from happening? How do you make an employee’s job easier and improve retention? The answer is pretty straightforward: leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance employee experience!

The pandemic-induced ‘great resignation’ is evidence that in today’s world, employees are not willing to put up with an outdated working environment. With so many opportunities out there, employees are more than willing to quit if they don’t feel appreciated or are forced into rigid schedules. This is where AI steps in. Powered by cognitive abilities, AI co-workers can be pre-fed with necessary data and can be trained to engage employees on a personal level.

Bridging Gaps in Employee Management with Artificial Intelligence

Although burnout is a major problem and is now recognized as a medical condition, it’s not the only reason for an employee’s resignation. Apart from the ones who leave due to burnout, 70 percent leave for other reasons, like, if they don’t feel motivated, valued, or are passed up for a promotion. So, let’s take a look at how you can improve employee retention with artificial intelligence:

AI identifies risks and opportunities

By implementing AI-based technology, organizations can gauge the current industry skills and identify employees who are deserving of a promotion on the basis of accumulated data. AI-powered conversational agents can be used to increase engagement, monitor performance, and ensure that employees feel valued and motivated. A yearly review is a thing of the past and is not effective for large organizations that are often struggling with soaring employee attrition rates. However, with AI-powered interactions and sentiment analysis, organizations can gain an understanding of employee needs as they arise.

AI helps create leaders

By implementing AI in HR and leadership positions, organizations can groom employees to grow with the company rather than constantly having to hire new candidates to fill gaps. Depending on what the organization requires, employees can be placed in various training programs or support groups. This will ensure that they accomplish company goals while simultaneously making them feel appreciated. AI-powered solutions can automate complex, time-consuming processes to free the human task force from a huge volume of tasks. This allows them to focus on more pressing needs, like training and mentoring skilled contributors to add value to the organization.

A better work-life balance

A rigid schedule, the pressure of targets, and the lack of time for familial obligations are among some of the top factors giving rise to employee attrition. Implementing AI to schedule work based on employee preference or skill could improve job satisfaction. Alternately, AI-powered Employee Welfare Managers can be deployed to reach out to employees on a timely basis and motivate them to get through difficulties in the workplace or in their personal life. Surveys generated through AI-retention tools can periodically collect data on the mood and sentiments of individual employees and provide analysis and insights to the authorities. This helps them strategize intelligently and design the best experience for their employees.

Decreases workload

Cognitive processing automation (CPA)-based AI automation in HRM means that employees need not sift through numerous resumes to find the right candidate, whom they will then have to engage, train, and onboard. AI does all of that, while the HR team focuses on building lasting employer-employee relationships. The same goes for customer support, receptionists, and so on. Given the ability of AI workers to think and reason faster than humans, they can be implemented across processes to automate everything from customer support to HRM. Hence, by taking on monotonous and repetitive tasks, AI helps to boost overall productivity in the workplace.

Makes work interesting

Through AI-based automation across various processes, organizations can cut down on the mundane, monotonous tasks that are currently taken up by their employees. Consequently, employees can take on more creative and engaging tasks that are interesting. In turn, this could increase employee satisfaction and ensure that employees are not overburdened with work-pressure.


The bottom line is, nobody likes to feel ignored, underappreciated, or overworked. Happy employees are essential to a seamlessly functioning organization. AI-based employee retention tools offer numerous ways to generate employee satisfaction, conduct regular mood checks, and constantly update the management with relevant data for making better-informed decisions. From decreasing employee attrition rates to saving the company time and resources on unnecessary talent acquisition, AI holds the key to ensuring great employee management for SMEs and conglomerates alike!

Enhance your Employee Retention Initiatives with E42

E42 offers you specialized AI workers that are built to increase employee retention. They automate employee engagement, gauge employee mood, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Thus, contributing to lowering attrition and disengagement. These AI workers also offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing employee experience and streamlining HR administration while ensuring that the employees feel motivated, and valued. To implement AI in your HR function and witness benefits like employee retention and cost savings, write to us at!

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