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Customer Management


An omni-channel bot interface to engage with customers and manage their queries in real-time to ensure a seamless, error free, and faster customer delight.


Engage with your customers through personalized experiences!

  • Product details and availability
  • Orders management
  • Refund claim status
  • Customer KYC update
  • Vendor/Product approval
  • Schedule an appointment
  • User authentication



Consistent Delivery on Customer Service

An efficient way to handle high volumes of engagements ensuring every customer is serviced well. A easier way to build customer loyalty.

Seamless integration Across Channels

Easily navigate through your platform with our integrated solutions that will function across channels such as web, app, email, SFB, Telegram, etc.

Impactful Delivery

Integrate with cutting-edge solutions like Salesforce, custom CRMs, etc. to support existing workflows, as well as, deliver personalised proactive messaging for customers.

Get Instant Customer Feedback

A quick way to manage feedback without keeping the customer waiting. You can also build custom surveys to derive useful data insights for your brand.